Airborne transmission not yet confirmed to be sole route of COVID-19 infection

Mark Kleiman, Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 11:30 PM

Thank you for the close attention you are paying to all of this.  I agree completely that oral-fecal transmission may turn out to be a huge danger for billions.  Mi companera worked in Haiti for nearly two years after the earthquake, which took her right through the worst of the cholera epidemic.  Most people in industrialized nations have no idea how bad this can become.  It may even prove a problem here as key infrastructure personnel are laid low by Covid-19.
Let me raise another cheery prospect — the jury is very much out on airborne transmission, notwithstanding WHO’s and CDC’s calm insistence that this is not a problem.  I’m attaching two pieces worth attending to.  One is a report of an expert panel from last Sunday which touches only briefly about the problem, but is worthy given the attention its proponents command.  The other from Wired is an astute and nuanced deconstruction of “airborne” that I think fits this situation well.

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